Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: The Washington Redskins (HBO) 15, 2014

This video focuses on the Native-American rights and views in America based on the football team ‘The Washington Redskins’. The controversial name and logo of a Native creates much debate between Natives and the common American due to its hijack of culture and disregard of insensitivity. John Oliver addresses this insensitivity satirically and calls out on Dan Snyder’s lack of morality for arguing to keep the logo and name as it has been the same for the past 8 decades as opposing to centuries of Native culture. This arises the question for me on whether changing issues such as logos and names, will emancipate a socially entrapped group such as a Natives or does more need to be done in terms of land and homes in order to socially emancipate such a vulnerable and abused group.

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Chat with my teacher on Cultural Appropriation

Me and my English teacher had a chat about Cultural Appropriation and we discussed the issues which concern us and how they affect us. After I told her about my EPQ, she she generously emailed me links regarding the topic. I hope to upload these links and develop my understanding and debate upon Cultural appropriation and whether it is a celebration of culture or cultural theft.

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Ethical consent

My supervisor has advised me that i must gain consent of those participating in my exhibition as models. The models in my exhibition will consist of my friends, however for ethical consent and moral values, I must address and clarify their declaration to conduct this project along with me.

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I am near the end of my Cultural Apprpriation planning, however, as advised by my supervisor, I must develop and portray my understanding through other sources such as books. Therefore, this weekend, I ordered 3 books which I have had on my reading list for a long time.

The books are:

Culture & Imperialism- Edward W. Said

Culture And Imperialism

Orientalism: Western Concepts of the Orient- Edward W.Said

The Wretched of the Earth- Frantz Fanon

I intend to update this blog with a summary of links to culture and cultural appropriation when these books arrive in due time.

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Targets over the summer

These were my targets over the summer, and I am glad to have come this far and have made a solid idea for my EPQ and am ready to start taking my pictures.

Before the holiday
1 Email your question to Mr Romhany by the 11th July
Over the summer
1 More research – what people have written about it already – photography exhibition to attend to gain inspiration/ visit a library for more references? keep a bibliography on your site
2 Plan – what are you taking them of/ who and what – what questions will you ask
3 Start taking pictures
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My initial ideas for my pictures

My pictures intend to gather my friends, all of whom are form different races and cultures and photograph their cultural and meaningful items and ask them a number of questions. I will first introduce to them what is Cultural appropriation and then question them on cultural appropriation. I wrote a draft of my questions and this is what I hope to ask them.

EPQ Question
Is cultural appropriation an understood and relatable topic for all? Does everyone understand and is everyone aware of the sensitivity which comes with “celebrating other cultures” or “cultural theft”
‘Celebration of cultures or cultural theft’
Ask people is it a celebration of cultures or cultural theft.
Why is it a celebration?
Why is it not cultural theft?
What do you learn about other cultures when you celebrate them in this way?
Some people get offended if you wear Native American headdress and you do not derive from the indigenous peoples and class it as cultural theft. What do you think?
Cultural theft
Why is it cultural theft and not a celebration?
If people from the culture that are having their items culturally “stolen” do not understand the religious/historical significance of the item, should it really matter that it is offensive if it doesn’t offend them?
Should we not celebrate the multicultural awareness of these items?
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What I will need to do this week

After a chat with Mr Romhany on my progress of the EPQ, I need to upload a few references from books and documents etc. and not just articles. I will speak to a few Art teachers on exhibitions which relate or have a link to my topic. Planning my pictures for my project and the mount I will take and how I will edit the pictures and how many I will take must also be confirmed. I also may need to ask a friend for assistance on Photoshop.

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